The Cost of Revenge

After much discussion with many friends about varying situations affecting their personal lives, I’ve opted to write about something I try my best to avoid, on a daily basis.

The cost of revenge/retribution for a perceived wrong-doing.

So many people spend an exponential amount of THEMSELVES trying to pay someone back for doing them wrong that we often lose sight of what the personal cost is to ourselves.

I am every bit as guilty of having done this in the past as many of you reading this are.  And the cost, to myself, has been massive.

We often feel wronged in some capacity, whether the intent to harm was there, or not.  And when we hurt, we tend to want to strike back at whomever has hurt us.  We want to make that person or people feel just like they made us feel.

The time, energy, commitment and attitude it takes to do this is sucking the life, and positivity, right out of you, especially in situations where social media is involved and the situation or scenario in which you were hurt is constantly thrown in your face.

When you take time out of your day to ensure that as many people as possible know about the wrong-doing that you endured, you need to stop and understand that even if you are validated in feeling how you feel, it is YOU that is paying the price ~ again.

We don’t get that time put back in our pocket to spend at a later date. 

Some of us cannot afford to spend that vital and valuable energy, regardless of how bad we hurt.  We spend time committed in retribution instead of committing that time making ourselves a better person than we were yesterday.  Less time with the people who matter.  Less time doing the things that make us happy or that we enjoy.

At the end of the day, we are costing ourselves so much more than the hurt we’re experiencing.  When that happens, WE are the ones who have hurt ourselves more than any other living being could.  We allow others to hold a power over us, when they do not have that right.  We have allowed an outside source to manipulate our time, our energy and our emotions.

Stop.  Step back.  Breathe. Think.

Does this person or people deserve that much of you?  Is it really worth your time and effort?  Can you actually CHANGE something for the betterment of humanity(or your own life)?

If the answer to any of those is no..  Then walk away.  And do it for YOU.  Realize and understand that your time and energy are precious commodities.  Once you spend them, they’re gone, so why would you use them in the same manner that the person who hurt you did?

Think better of yourself.  EXPECT better from yourself.  Know that you deserve better than to waste things that are precious to you.  And never allow someone else to have that kind of control over your thoughts, time and energy.

Just be good.  The world will follow.

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