A Letter to My Older Self

10 years ago, I sat down and wrote a letter to myself.  I was just really beginning my journey in life and I was confused and wandering aimlessly.  That letter has been sitting in my email inbox, just waiting.  I decided to open it today, and because I needed some of these reminders, I’m going to share it with you.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to write my future self another letter.  🙂

December 1, 2005

Dear Self,

Congratulations.  You’ve made it this far.  I’m writing to remind you that you are a beautiful person with a good heart, strong work ethic and are reasonably intelligent.

I really hope you took the job at MRAS!

I hope the boys have grown into wonderful young men.

I hope we have found our way out of this minefield in our mind.  That deafening sound of “I can’t do this”.

I want you to remember a few things:

Wake up with a smile; it will change your day.

Be kind to random people; you don’t know how much THEY may be struggling.

If you’re married or dating someone by now, remember, you opened the door and let them in for a reason.  You have the capacity to love larger than life.  Never pass up the chance to let them know just how much they really mean to you.

Let go of the past, including this letter, whenever you read it.

You are a better person than your ex-husband ever gave you credit for.  Stop living down to his expectations of you.

Forgive someone.

Don’t forget to forgive YOURSELF.  We aren’t perfect.  Just perfectly flawed, and that’s fine.  We’re human.

Live a little.  Dream a little.  It’s okay to be silly.  It’s better to just laugh.

Betty told you to just be good and the world would follow.  She was right.  Just don’t expect the world to follow every day.  Not everyone has lived the life you have and survived it.

And speaking of George and Betty, don’t go back and put flowers on the graves, as badly as you may want to.  You made a promise.  Keep it.  They gave you something precious, so don’t invalidate it by breaking that promise.  It was a new start, not something to remind you of the people who took a chance on you.  It will always be the place of our rebirth, so to speak.  But the past is the past and they wanted you to move FORWARD.  You aren’t dishonoring them by not going back.  I miss them now, and I know my future self will as well.

NOTHING is black and white.  Make room for the grey areas.

Learn something new every single day, even if it’s just about yourself.

I believe in you.


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