Patreon/Paypal Parenting

Due to a number of recent posts seen on various social media sites, it’s come to the point where I need to address one of those annoying things I see on nearly a daily basis..


Many Content Creators these days are using Patreon and/or Paypal to accept donations to support their various venues of artistry.  The perks of which are specialized content, giveaways of merchandise, etc, and are only available to those who are financially supporting.

I would not think this would NEED to be said, but apparently, that is not the case.  If you are going to pay money to someone, do your research on that individual first.  Make sure that the content you are essentially paying a price to see is what you WANT to see, or that the merchandise giveaways are awesome enough that you want to pay for a chance at having them.

If you are supporting someone just because it’s the “in” thing to do..  You’re an idiot and frankly, you deserve to be parted with your money.

Now, on to the main point of the blog.

Content Creators are, for the most part, grateful for the support they receive.  It’s a driving force to make extra special content for their patrons.  As a patron of a very select few myself, I expect a certain level of content to be delivered when I choose to financially support someone else’s passions.  I work very hard for my money, so I am extremely careful when choosing to donate.

Things you may be entitled to, as a patron:

  • Specialized Content
  • Merchandise
  • Video Credits
  • Access to Patreon ONLY shows
  • Live Hangouts
  • Personalized Promotions
  • The ability to choose content
  • And; a host of other items, subject to the Creator’s choice

What you are NOT entitled to, as a patron:

  • You do NOT get to pick and choose what your money is used for.  Ever.

If you are donating to an individual, and you see them spend that money on something, you don’t have the right to go on a flat out tirade against them.  Once that money exchanges hands, you do not get to parent the person you support. 

If you cannot donate to someone without degrading and infantilizing these people who are putting in a lot of hard work to make you happy, then just stay out of the arena.  Remember, you CHOSE to support them. 

Do it with a smile and enjoy the rewards, or don’t do it at all.

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