Let’s call it what it is..

Violence begets violence…  It’s a simple concept.  At it’s base core, it really has nothing to do with gender equality.  People who are prone to violent behavior will continue to be prone to it, regardless of whether they are male or female.

At the heart of the matter today is this Fox News video.

Now, to be perfectly clear, I HATE Fox anything.  Dr. Ablow is a ridiculous, pompous jackass, on his best day.  And I am about as far from the definition of “feminist” as you can be.  I am Egalitarian.  As such, I am often attacked for not bolstering the “sisterhood”.  I don’t believe in having equal rights for women.  I believe in equal rights for PEOPLE.  And that means for men, as well.

Frankly, I am sick to death of the “poor me” attitude that seems to be prevalent with the third-wave feminists.

So let’s get back to that violence thing, shall we…..

Ladies, if you put your hands on a man out of anger (or just asinine behavior), you SHOULD expect to get hit.  How in the bloody hell can you sit there and honestly believe that you can strike another human being without ANY repercussion?  You’re a fool.  Take a seat.

Don’t you DARE hit someone, especially a man, and then cry foul when you find that he is sick to death of your “women’s rights” beating on him.

I’ve spoke to this matter before, and will continue to do so, for as long as I see women trampling all over men under the guise of “feminism”.  Your bitch behavior is doing you absolutely ZERO favors.

You were given the gift of SPEECH.  So if you are using it to enflame a situation to the point of violence for the sake of acting like a bitch, you really DO get what’s coming to you.  If violence is your first choice, you’re a bitch.  That goes for BOTH men and women.  Violence should be the last resort for any situation regardless of gender.

Act like a damned adult instead of a petulant child who isn’t getting their way.  When you forego common decency in place of violence, whether you are male or female, the problem is YOU.

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