No Sympathy Here….

Once again, in the news, yet another religious leader is accused of sexually assaulting a child.

On reading the article, my initial thought was that perhaps he didn’t fully understand what he was doing.  However, after reading further, I found it reported that he had be sending emails to his OWN victim; emails that, to me, seemed designed to garner empathy from the one child he violated hundreds of times.

wanted to seek professional counseling for his sins and to seek guidance from church officials and his parents.

If you wanted to..  You WOULD have.

I have seen reports of teachers and youth pastors being arrested for having inappropriate and often sexual relationships with a student, and I have asked myself the question of if I am that teacher or youth pastor.

If you had doubts, then you should have immediately removed yourself from being anywhere NEAR children.

In addition, according to police, Patter son said that he watched videos identifying sexual abuse of children and “is constantly asking himself ‘Is that me?’

How could you NOT know, you bastard?

These three items present a form of narcissism that is difficult to ignore.  Not only was her alleged molester actually, physically harming her, but now he’s gone as far as to demand she empathize with him supposed “plight”.

I don’t want to hurt you at all, but I can’t stop myself, so you now have to feel sorry for me for not being able to stop hurting you.

I have to further point out that he had EVERY opportunity to molest more than this single victim.  He CHOSE not to do so.  This now young woman, will spend the next several years being further victimized by the fact that she’ll wonder ‘why me’.  As a former individualized victim, if you don’t understand this concept, by all means, ask me.

For me, he is worse than your standard pedophile.  Even IF he was unaware of what he was doing wrong at first, he damned well figured it out.  He never attempted to stop.  He didn’t go for that “help” he professed to wanting.  He was in an authoritative position involving who knows how many other children.

Stating that he “set up ‘boundaries’ with the students at the school and in his student ministry work” does NOT make him a responsible pedophile.  It makes him one of the most manipulative pedophiles I’ve ever had the utter displeasure to read about.  Frankly, I hope instead of throwing the book at him, they cram it straight up his ass….  This is one instance where I’ll accept poetic justice.

(h/t RawStory)

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