Retiring? Sorry, Christians..

Courtesy of RWW, this little gem was sitting in my inbox last night:

Retirement is not a biblical concept,” Barton said, putting forth a theory that he appears to have stolen from Rabbi Daniel Lapin.  “That is a pagan concept that comes from the Babylonian system.  If you want to live in Egypt, you wan to live in Babylon, great, retire.  God’s people, that is not a model.

Why?  Because.. God..

Why is this of such concern to an Atheist?

When speaking in terms of “retirement age”, we’re often discussing our parents and grandparents, as is, in my case.  In particular, my own mother, who will be 68 this year.

She has worked her entire life, draws roughly a $435 check from Social Security.  Her mortgage payment is $700/mo, alone.  She still works, but not for the reason you might have found obvious.

When I queried her about her life choices a few years ago, I was told that she “didn’t have to worry about retiring, because God would see to it she had what she needed.”  She is infamous for quoting spewing scripture, and Deuteronomy 6:24 is exactly what she pulled from, to further explain her LIFE choices.

The moment I stop doing what God tells me to do, my life will be taken from me.

It is not my place to demand that others live as *I* see fit.  However, with the growing number of “retirees” being forced into the system, that entire “god will take care of me” line means WE, those of us still in the work force, will take care of our aging family.

Case in point; in the past 2 years, since beginning to draw her SS, I have had to pay nearly $260,000 out to cover my mother’s utility bills, mortgage, medical, etc.

A few key points:

During the past year, nearly a quarter of Boomers reported experiencing difficulties paying their rent or mortgage, and 19 percent stopped contributing to a retirement account. 

Four in ten Boomers report having no savings for retirement. 

58 percent, have made no preparations to plan for future cognitive issues. cite

Among Baby Boomers, 43% say they are a “strong” member of their religion.

Four in ten say they attend religious services at least once a week. cite


According to the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, from 2000 to 2007, the number of parents living with their adult kids rose from 2.2 million to 3.6 million – an increase of 64 percent.

A rather frightening trend seems to be surging forward.  With the amount of younger adults leaving religion or becoming “unaffiliated”, WE are going to be the ones expected to take care of our religious, elderly family members.  Baby boomers were, at one point, considered the “secular” generation.  The sheer religious targeting of this generation does not bode well for those of us without faith who are left to pick up and care for those who cannot.

By all means, Mr. Barton, lets encourage an already fucked up situation by forcing a “religious” mindfuck that should have absolutely NO bearing on the lives of our elderly/aging family members, you self serving jackass.

To hell with your million dollar churches.  To hell with guilt tripping our elderly/aging population into tithing what little they have. 

Congratulations on forcing Pandora’s box open, Christianity.  We won’t be thanking you for it.

Keep your damned religious idiocy out of my parents financial well-being.

2 thoughts on “Retiring? Sorry, Christians..

  1. mclasper says:

    “The moment I stop doing what God tells me to do, my life will be taken from me.” – That is REALLY accurate; God is famous for killing people who disagree with him! If he exists, your life will be taken from you, literally.


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