Today, I posted a new profile picture on Facebook.  Because I liked how I looked, and I felt good about it.  No other reason in particular.  Body approval is NOT my strong suit, but I try to improve my own view of self on a daily basis.

Within minutes of me posting, I received a rather asinine message from an acquaintance.

To keep things in context, this is the photo I posted:


Now while I realize you cannot see a lot in this particular photo, it was mistaken(even by a close friend) as me, wearing a bra.  It is actually a tank top, and one I wear often..  It’s my comfy wear when I am sketching, namely because I work in charcoal and the tank is black and it also happens to be older than 2 of my children.  Really sexy, eh?

Now, on to that messsage….


First off, regardless of the fact that I am a horrendous GrammarNazi(as most of my friends will all too willingly attest to), I cannot address that, at this point.

What I did, was address the utter ridiculousness of the message itself..  And I did so, very openly, on Facebook.


I don’t particularly care for drama on social media, but that message was begging for public ridicule.  As much as I had to say in my public rant, there is still so much left on my mind in regards to this subject.

Disclaimer:  No, I do NOT consider the woman who messaged me to be a “feminist”, in the truest sense of the word.

Rant ON:

My boobs have exactly NOTHING to do with how another woman chooses to utilize her OWN intellect.  To insinuate otherwise, just proves that you have chosen NOT to do so.  Take your blame and cram it straight up your ass.  Recognize that MY photo is not the downfall of the “Sisterhood”, and if your ideas are what it means to be a feminist, I’ll revoke my own damned chick card wholly and publicly.  I want no part of that kind of disseminating insanity.

In fact, I want no part of any “sisterhood” or otherwise group of people that use their gender to bash, belittle, and basically just hate on another individual.

The fact that my male friends were even brought up in her little bitch and whine session further inflames my goddamned delicate sensibilities as a woman.  How DARE another woman insert her fucking opinions of MY life into MY friendships.  My BEST FRIEND IS A MAN.  For a good reason.  I cannot tolerate women who are so drama-infused that they look for every opportunity to complain about how men are the root of all their issues.  You DO know the definition of insanity yes?  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

So if you are going to sit there, fully believing, that “misogynists” and other women’s boobs are to blame for all your problems, then you have failed to recognize that the problem is YOU.

Seriously, if you subscribe to this type of mentality, ALL you are doing is causing completely unnecessary bullshit.  Women like YOU are a primary reason why so many feminists are looked down on. Shut up with it already.  It’s disgraceful.

One thought on “Femi-WHAT?

  1. Cynthia Hochhalter says:

    Right on! As women, we can be harder on each other than even men sometimes. This particular woman was the one who objectified you through her own feminist ideals which was wrong. As women, we have the power to use our sexuality as we see fit. We can define it as we see fit. Too many of us just don’t consider this or may not even want to. I know you weren’t even doing that all, but this woman, as misguided as she was, brought up an important issue. Even without any intent whatsoever, women continue to be treated this way no matter what we say or do and when a woman makes a choice no matter how innocent it is, people like this particular one insist that we’re somehow bringing misogyny on ourselves. I am a large breasted woman. I have been my entire life and have been subjected to a lot of harassment that has had me breaking down in sobs. Somehow, I was to blame for being looked upon in an objectified manner no matter how I dress. To this day, I can’t wear any clothing which shows even the smallest amounts of cleavage or a tight shirt. My daughter is much like me physically, but her experiences have been different so she doesn’t have the same issues I do. My point is, this particular woman, whether intentionally or not, fell into that same trap of judging someone by their looks and their dress. It’s what some single-minded men do. I hope she learned a lesson. Oh, and if I didn’t say it before, Well done!

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