Hey baby, what’s your label?

The title sounds utterly ridiculous, doesn’t it?  Yes?  So why are we all so worried about what labels we wear?

Warning labels, religious/nonreligious labels, political labels, social labels, trigger labels, etc.  We have resorted to label-slinging as our new form of insult.  Have we really fallen so far from intellectual conversation that this is the new name calling?  There IS no intellect here.

A recent label-slander towards myself has had me a bit up in arms, intellectually speaking.  It was during a mild disagreement with a friend of mine, who failed to provide proof to an asinine statement they had made.  The end result was both amusing and infuriating.  In short, he described me as:

“a deistic democrat SJW with a bad attitude”

The descriptive line was so ludicrous and laughable, yet it sparked a nearly instant disgust within myself, that it was, frankly, surprising.

Not only was it so very incorrect, but he was using it as an insult to my intelligence.  It is something I have seen done repeatedly to other people within the Secular Community.  And more importantly, we are doing it ourselves.

If you WANT to wear your own label loud and proud, absolutely be my guest.  I cannot do so in good conscious.  A square peg will never fit in a round hole without some modicum of force.

A word does not define my character, even at its most basic of definition.  Even within the definition, there are many who want to change a word to suit themselves.  Just look at the number of theists who look to redefine the word “Atheist”, and you’ll find your prime example.

When you hold true to a word and what it means, it’s all too simple to get comfortably wrapped up in it, and then some asshole will come along and change the definition.  And what you once believed yourself to be, is now different to everyone else.

It was in ranting to my best friend about this that I realized, I’m doing this right, for me.  I asked him how HE would label me.  And he struggled with his answer.  He found no ONE word that applied to me, wholly.  I am proud as hell of that.  It means that I am doing exactly what I intended to do.  Represent myself to the world, as ME.

If you are going to throw a label on someone, take a moment to understand that what you are doing is throwing your own personal objectified opinion on to someone you probably know very little about.

When you leave this beautiful world behind, what label is left on your headstone for people to know you by?  If the thought terrifies you, then it’s time for a change.

Live your life in such a way that even your worst enemy has to acknowledge what you had to offer the world.  Your actions MUST help to define your words; to give them substance.

To quote a very bright young man by the name of Jeremy Stephens;  “I want to be remembered for my words, not my label”.

We should all hold ourselves to a higher accountability within us.  Our own.

I have a label.  It is Lucy Dee.  And I proudly stand beyond definition.

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