Taking a Hard Look at “Forgiveness Culture”

Last August, the Godless Engineer wrote a blog regarding Forgiveness of Christianity.  In the several months that followed, we have seen a ridiculous amount of news regarding unlawful immoral acts being perpetuated by a number of different religious patriarchs.  The most common theme among these is the fact that the people are defending them all with “it’s okay because he asked for forgiveness”..

Enter the term “Forgiveness Culture”.  This is a term I have used for many years, as it is a perfect descriptor of religious protections afforded to a man of “god” to appease whatever sin he is constantly committing.

However, I wish to expand on the Blog posted above.  Why?  Because in using the term publicly, I have been asked repeatedly what it REALLY means.

Seeing as you won’t really find a solid definition of it anywhere, I can only give you my personal opinion on the matter.  Forgiveness Culture is something I am passionate about.  I am passionate about destroying that particular cult mindset.

It is not JUST christians using personal forgiveness as a get out of jail free card.  And the irony of it, is that you can go online and take a course called “Forgiveness I:  Spiritual Perspectives on Forgiveness”..  And guess what?  Not only is Christianity not the first one mentioned, there are MANY more religious ideologies listed for the purpose of study, from Judaism to Hinduism.

I saw this mentioned in several posts recently, regarding the Duggar family..  “There is no sin greater than God can forgive.”

Ummm, what?

So basically, it’s perfectly fine to prance around with your penis out, touching kids (sisters are fair game!); murdering people in the name of whatever god you’re worshiping to cover the fact that you are fucking psycho; or acting like a bigoted prick to people who have done nothing wrong to you.

And it’s all great and fine, because your god allows you to be forgiven.  No matter how many times you commit the same crime.

And what about humanity?  Are we to just wave our hands and say all is forgiven, go free, do the exact same thing you were doing..  We’re just acknowledging the 30th time you’ve molested a child…

Religious people have sunk to an all new low with their Forgiveness Culture.  In an effort to make the world seem like a better place, religious people are going out of their way to demand we Atheists understand that GOD FORGAVE THEM of their sins, so we are not allowed to be horrified when they do the exact same thing they were just forgiven for.

All you are doing is allowing for more suffering, more victimization, more humiliation, more damaged people.  When you completely remove the aspect of personal accountability of people for their actions, you open the door for those same people to continue on a path of destruction without recourse.  You eliminate the fact that people can and should be punished for committing atrocities, or at the VERY least receive help so that they don’t keep doing what they are doing to cause often irreparable harm to another human being.

We shouldn’t have the right to forgive something that a victim cannot, and thereby completely dismiss their actions.  We have an entire culture built around this type of thinking.  And I, for one, have absolutely NO problem calling bullshit on it.


5 thoughts on “Taking a Hard Look at “Forgiveness Culture”

  1. Tom McBride says:

    Just kidding but actually you are arguing with yourself. This is because your created a straw man argument. What you argue against is not ‘religious’ forgiveness but what YOU think is meant by it. Also don’t go by what every lame brain tv nut posing as a religious authority says. You have to go deep into what Christian authorities have said about such things. I am not saying you can’t deny there is a God or that there are “religious” wackos out there or even that I believe in a God. I am saying that you need a better understanding of what you are criticizing.


    1. GodlessEngineer says:

      Could you try this comment again but with less condescension and petulant “I know more than you neener neener neener” child like attitude? Lucy’s article isn’t a strawman. You may want to perceive it that way and that’s fine but don’t sit there on your fucking high horse and act like you know more than anyone else on this matter. The people you refer to as “religious wackos” are still employing your dogma whether you like it or not.


    2. thereallucydee says:

      Please, tell me again how you’re an expert while childishly dismissing 38 years of my own religious dogmatic experiences, Tom. I’ll wait……………………


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